Best ways to display products

Display Location 

One last item to consider displaying alongside other specific products would be a grinder.  Having that sitting, possibly opened up to show the inside, next to your flower handpipes, makes this a natural purchase that will result in higher sales.   .

Separate Import vs. American

While all of our glass products are American made, we know that some markets need to have a mix of very inexpensive pieces as an option for their customers.  We suggest that there be a clear separation between the import products and the American made items.  The American glass is generally a bit of a higher price point, so having them next to a very cheap product will bring down the perceived value of the higher quality products.  

It’s helpful for your Budtender and customer to have an ability to view the products separately also allowing an understanding of the different qualities.  It’s important for the customer to recognize a piece of glass that has been made with quality process, materials and conditions that are the standard of quality American made glass.  This establishes its value and a higher return.  When your staff and the people they serve can easily choose what they want to buy based on an informed choice, everyone is happy.