A steamroller comes in a wide range of sizes.  Some can be over a foot long! Generally they are around the same size as a typical spoon.  Similar to the spoon handpipe, a steamroller features a bowl for the flower, a mouth piece to inhale from and a carb.  The difference in this style is the carb is on the front of the pipe rather than the side.  

Steamrollers are generally thought to have a bit of a more intense smoking experience.  With having the carb in the front of the pipe, when the user releases their finger, the chamber is cleared very quickly.  This can create a very fast, large hit if not careful.  

Shapes can vary a bit when it comes to steamrollers, some are a straight tube with the bowl pushed in the top, some have a bit of a shape like a spoon.  The main characteristic is that the carb is found on the front rather than the side.

Some of the old school steamrollers actually featured characters inside the pipe like a dragon or fish that the smoke would actually come out of to fill the chamber of the pipe.  We don’t see these as much lately, but I am sure some can recall seeing those.

Be sure to consider pairing these with a grinder!