Frit Steamroller

Frit Steamroller


Frit Steamrollers are created by melting small pieces of colored glass, called “frit,” to line the inside of a glass pipe. Glass artists can use frit to create an ombre effect using different colors of frit and fading them together. Frit adds a second layer of glass to the inside of the pipe, so these pieces are usually thicker and more durable than the average pipe. Steamrollers have a bowl like a Hand Pipe, but both ends of the pipe are open. The open end near the bowl functions as the carb. As the user inhales, they release their finger from the open end to "clear" the pipe of smoke. This process fills the piece with more smoke than air prior to inhalation. 



Length: ~ 5”

Weight: ~ 90g


Due to the handmade nature of our products by multiple artists, color and shape may vary from images.