Handpipes are a bit of a catch all phrase technically.  It refers to any pipe that can be held in the users hand.  That being said, most are actually “Spoons”.  These are called spoons, because the shape is similar to that of a spoon you use as a utensil.  You may notice, a lot of the names of shapes are not that creative.  

Spoons are the next level of a smoking experience from the Chillum.  There are the two features of the bowl where the flower product goes and the mouth pieces where the user actually inhales from, but the spoon is the first to feature a “cab”. This is the third hole on the pipe.  What this does is as the user is lighting and smoking the product, they cover the carb with their thumb, then when the pipe is filled with smoke, they take their finger off of the carb allowing fresh air to enter the chamber of the pipe.  This creates a more concentrated amount of smoke to be inhaled at once.

There are many different types of spoons available.  Because they are the most common shape of a pipe, many have some really cool designs.  A couple of examples are the Honeycomb and Wigwag window pipes. These feature an artistic touch to the front of the pipe itself.  If someone is looking for a unique piece that is still a standard shape, spoons have a lot of options.

Other options of handpipes that have a unique flair to them would be sherlocks and steamrollers, let's talk about those next!

Be sure to consider pairing these with a grinder!