Chillums are the most basic pipe design.  Some other names for this style could be, one-hitter, taster, or bat.  They feature the bowl in the front and the mouthpiece on the opposite side.  The user simply puts the product in the bowl, and uses a lighter to ignite the flower and inhales from the mouth piece.  

These are a great starter pipe with its simplicity.  For new patients that have not used cannabis before, a small chillum could be a great place to start.  Steering your patient towards a one-hitter as the bowl is very small.  This will protect them from getting too large of a hit and hurting their early experiences with painful coughing.

Another nice feature of these shapes is the overall size.  These pieces can easily fit in a pocket or purse. They are easy to carry and take with you. 

Chillums seem to be a natural fit for most people's smoking experience.  It resembles a similar shape to a joint, but without having to be such a large commitment in the amount that will be consumed.  Other styles may seem a bit more intimidating as the shapes can vary and others, like handpipes or “spoons” can have other features or mechanics involved while smoking.  Feel confident in suggesting a piece like a Chillum to your novice smoking patients.  

To continue with other styles, we will discuss the standard handpipe, or “spoon” next!

Be sure to consider pairing these with a grinder!