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Sidecar Bubbler Rig - Blue for Concentrates - Slitted Downstem & 14mm Banger | CannaDevices


Discover superior dabbing with our Sidecar Bubbler Rig, designed specifically for concentrate enthusiasts who seek a smoother, cleaner session. This innovative rig combines functional design with aesthetic appeal, ensuring every use is a pleasure.

Key Features:

  • Side-Mounted Mouthpiece: Strategically placed to reduce any water backsplash, providing a more comfortable and dry smoking experience.
  • Efficient Smoke Diffusion: Features a slitted downstem that creates moderate drag resistance, allowing for optimal smoke diffusion and a smooth draw.
  • High-Quality 14mm Banger: Each rig includes a durable 14mm banger perfect for heating with a hand torch, ensuring even heat distribution and optimal concentrate vaporization.
  • Optimal Heat Management: The banger is designed to be heated for 20-30 seconds with a hand torch. Allow it to sit momentarily to distribute the heat evenly before adding your concentrate for the best results.


Height: ~ 6.5”

Base Width: ~ 3.5”

Weight: ~ 8.75 oz 

Due to the handmade nature of our products by multiple artists, color and shape may vary from images. 

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