Custom Branded Glass Joint Holder - Versatile Fit for Pre-Rolled Cones | CannaDevices

Custom Branded Glass Joint Holder - Versatile Fit for Pre-Rolled Cones | CannaDevices


Elevate your smoking experience with our Custom Branded Glass Joint Holders, designed to seamlessly accommodate most pre-rolled cone joints. These holders are not only functional but also offer a touch of personalization to reflect your unique style or brand identity.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Use: Each joint holder features open holes that adapt to various joint mouthpiece sizes. Place the joint on the side opposite the colored dot for a standard fit, or adjust according to the joint’s diameter for a custom fit.
  • Customizable Design: Enhance your personal or business brand with custom branding options. Choose from a range of colors and add your logo or design to make each piece uniquely yours.
  • Quality Glass Construction: Crafted from durable glass, these joint holders ensure a pure taste and a smoother smoking experience by effectively cooling the smoke as it passes through.
  • Convenient and Stylish: Compact and elegantly designed, these joint holders are both a practical tool for smokers and a stylish accessory that stands out.

Benefits for Users:

  • Enhanced Smoking Experience: Enjoy a hands-free smoking session with a holder that keeps the joint steady and enhances inhalation, reducing the heat and harshness as the smoke travels through the glass.
  • Brand Promotion: Perfect for businesses looking to offer branded merchandise, these joint holders serve as excellent promotional items or retail products that showcase your brand in everyday use.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to use and clean, these holders are designed for convenience, fitting most standard pre-rolled cone joints seamlessly.

Ideal for:

  • Cannabis dispensaries and stores looking to offer custom-branded accessories.
  • Individual smokers seeking a personalized smoking accessory.
  • Promotional events or gifts that require a personal touch.

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