Custom Branded One Hitter w/ Dot

Custom Branded One Hitter w/ Dot


If you rather email your logo to us for a digital sample please send it to and we can get one over to you asap!

Have your brand under the nose of all of your patients! We can custom label hitters or jars with your logo so you will remain front of mind. Brand is everything in our industry, have your patients light it up everyday! Great as a giveaway for new customers or with every ounce.  Then sell half of them just like any other pipe, and the marketing these offer end up being FREE!

Just follow this simple 3 step process:

1: Upload your logo

2: Approve the digital sample

3: Receive your custom labeled product!

*Decals have options of 1, 2 or 3 colors.  Please select the correct product option.  For decals loaded with more colors then specified, we will contact you for your choices of colors*

*Image needs to be 2.5in x .50in for the best display on the finished product.

*Pro tip - All black coloring will be hard to see after the hitter is used just a couple of times.  If the base color can not be changed from black, a thin color border will work great

*Pink, purple and metallic colors are an additional $0.25 per piece and are unable to be matched.  There are only 1 version of each.

 ***Due to the intricate nature and the fine details in such a small space, some logos may not be able to be replicated exactly.  We can sometimes adjust the logo to work, or we suggest using just the company name to avoid extra fees***

*For orders of 10,000+ please email*