Fully Customizable Metal Tray - Small - Bulk Order Min 1,000 Units | Ideal for Promotions | CannaDevices

Fully Customizable Metal Tray - Small - Bulk Order Min 1,000 Units | Ideal for Promotions | CannaDevices


Introducing our Fully Customizable Metal Trays, designed to enhance your promotional efforts or add a personalized touch to your product lineup. With a minimum order of 1,000 units, these trays offer a prime opportunity for full-color branding in a choice of a 2.75" square or a 2.55" circle printable area.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Metal Construction: Crafted from durable metal, these trays are built to last, providing a long-lasting platform for your custom designs. Send your logo to Sales@CannaDevices.com for mock ups and pricing!
  • Customizable Printing Area: Utilize a 2.75" x 2.75" square or a 2.55" circle for vibrant, full-color printing that makes your brand or design pop.
  • Optimal Size: Each tray measures 7.7” x 5.7”, offering ample space for a variety of uses, from serving to organization.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for promotional giveaways, event merchandise, or as a stylish addition to your consumer goods lineup.

Benefits for Users:

  • Brand Visibility: Custom trays are a fantastic way to keep your brand in direct view of your customers daily, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Practical and Stylish: Not just for show, these metal trays are functional and can be used for everything from a rolling tray to a desk organizer, combining utility with aesthetic appeal.
  • Custom Design Flexibility: With options for different print sizes and the ability to apply any design, these trays can be perfectly tailored to suit your branding needs.
  • Bulk Order Advantage: The minimum order quantity ensures you have a substantial supply for widespread distribution, making it ideal for large-scale promotions or retail distribution.

Ideal for:

  • Businesses looking for unique promotional items to distribute at trade shows, events, or as part of a marketing campaign.
  • Cannabis dispensaries and smoke shops looking to offer branded accessories to their customers.
  • Companies seeking to create personalized merchandise that stands out.

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