Custom Biodegradable Hemp Rolling Trays with Lid - UV Printed with Your Logo | CannaDevices

Custom Biodegradable Hemp Rolling Trays with Lid - UV Printed with Your Logo | CannaDevices


Introduce a new level of style and functionality to your product offerings with our Custom Biodegradable Hemp Rolling Trays with Lids, perfect for maintaining the freshness and privacy of your contents. These trays are not only environmentally friendly but also fully customizable with your brand's logo, making them a great choice for businesses committed to sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Material: Constructed from biodegradable hemp, these trays support environmental sustainability while offering a durable solution for your rolling needs.
  • Customizable UV Printing: Personalize your trays with UV printing available in a 2.75" x 2.75" square or a 2.55" circle printable area, ensuring your logo stands out in vivid detail.
  • Secure Lid Design: Each tray comes equipped with a matching lid, providing added security and protection for the tray's contents, keeping everything neat and discreet.
  • Color Options and Customization: Available in standard colors such as Red, Pink, Black, Green, White, and Blue. Opt for custom colors with a minimum order of 2,500 units to align perfectly with your branding.
  • Standard Tray Size: The trays measure 7.7” x 5.7”, providing sufficient space for rolling and storing various smoking accessories.

Benefits for Users:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: These lidded trays serve as excellent promotional tools, extending your brand's reach by combining practical use with eco-conscious marketing.
  • Convenience and Privacy: The lid keeps contents secure and private, ideal for users who prefer discretion in their smoking accessories.
  • Sustainable Branding Option: By choosing trays made from biodegradable materials, your business shows a commitment to environmental responsibility, appealing to eco-aware consumers.
  • Durability: Hemp material ensures these trays are not only eco-friendly but also durable enough for daily use.

Ordering Process: Get started by sending your logo and chosen color to Our team will assist with a digital mockup/proof, ensuring your design is executed perfectly before production.

Ideal for:

  • Businesses looking to enhance their eco-friendly product lineup with branded merchandise.
  • Cannabis dispensaries and specialty smoke shops seeking unique, sustainable promotional items.
  • Companies aiming to provide practical and stylish eco-conscious gifts at corporate events or through retail channels.

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MOQ 500 units