Bongs/Water Pipes

Bongs/Water Pipes

When looking for water filtration for flower products, Bongs or “water pipes” are the way to go.  There are numerous features that can be a part of this specific product line, but to keep it simple, there is a chamber that holds the water with an opening at the top for the user to inhale from.  Then there is a part that goes down into the water called the “downstem” which is where the bowl (also known as the slide) fits into for the smoke from the flower to get into the bong.  

There have been innovations around how the slide fits into the bong. For a long time there would be a bowl with a tube that slid into the downstem and had a rubber grommet to create a seal. This was the most common style for a long time.  Since then, there have been new style bowls called “glass on glass” or “GONG” slides.  These are machined to match together in an airtight seal.  

While bongs can offer a smoother experience with the water filtration, it is easy to take a very large hit and create a painful cough if not familiar with these devices.  Your patient will hopefully have a bit of experience before diving into the water on these.  Just make sure to reiterate you do not need to fill the whole bong with smoke for this device to work wonderfully.  Also, I would suggest steering them towards one of the smaller bongs, or ones with a small chamber rather than the larger ones for their first bong.

Be sure to consider pairing these with a grinder!

So this was the water filtered device for flower, the next water filtered piece for concentrates would the dab rig!